“We work with pioneering technologies in mining to produce more sustainable steel“

Get to know the operations of J&F Mineração in Corumbá (MS)


By the end of 2023, an additional 300 individuals will join local operations The company offers many opportunities in different areas Capacity training and benefits are offered for operational and technical positions Corumbá has a population of 120,000 people and is a development hub for the region Corumbá – J&F Mineração announces the hiring of […]

The 175,000 tons of iron ore shipped from the Nueva Palmira port, in Uruguay, arrive in China this week on a Capesize ship The goal is to perform two similar operations per month Around 600,000 tons of ore will be exported worldwide Freight cost will be reduced by up to 15% Uruguay – In an […]

Hydroseeding equipment is already being used Additional operational swiftness, reduced risk and costs are the main differentials Another 11 hectares will be recovered in 2023 Corumbá – The most robust equipment that will provide support to the Sustainability area in expanding the recovery of mined areas, has just arrived at the J&F operation in Corumbá […]

The company hired 100 direct employees as part of its efforts to meet the resumption of manganese production, which could reach 450 thousand tons in 2023 alone 80% of mined manganese ore is lump, with a grade of 42% manganese content, which is very rare worldwide Alloy steel production and blast furnace heating are the […]


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